September 28, 2014

Catching up

It's 7:32 in the morning, and i have just finished my algorithms assignment from Princeton University (Online assignment). It took me days to figure it out what i was failing about.
Well, to be honest those days
I couldn't stick to my programming time in front of my computer, because of what you read in last posts. Somehow, what matters is that now it's fixed, up and running, and i got a 98,14% evaluation score. Starmus finished yesterday at 15:30, and after doing some family  stuff in the evening, i went back home as soon as i could to rest, and be ready very very early this morning (3:00 am), when nothing could interfere, letting me focus on it. I'm very happy with the result: Fast, reliable, and memory optimized.

Right now i need to catch up 2 weeks of lectures, course material, and my own Physics career exercises i need to do before Monday morning. It's gonna be very intense. But i guess that's why i signed for. Just to make a point, you realized i wrote this on Sunday, didn't you?

This is the key of success: No - days - off.

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