September 17, 2014

Where does my strengh come from?

I'm taking a break from my algorithms class, from Princeton University. It's a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), that I'm doing right now, until October. At least the first part. I'll continue afterwards with part II, plus the other courses I'm doing this year. It's being VERY hard.

My timetable makes me get up early in the morning. I mean,
like 5-5:30 am, go for a small run to clear up my head, then i come back, study a little, go to college to assist to my physic classes, and finally i come back at home before lunch to continue performing on these MOOC's. It's kind of exhausting, so i take a long break in the evening and at night when my eyes can't stand a single sentence in a row.

You may wonder "how is that even possible to keep the pace on?" Or even for how long will i be struggling on this one? Well, i have good news and bad news. So bad comes first: I don't know haha. And the good news is that I've got to know me better and better along this way some people call LIFE. And that includes my source of strength, which by the way, is... my weakness. Every single time my road goes up, and up... until i can't even see the landscape, I don't know how, i suddenly feels an urge for fighting back. EVERY TIME. It's kind of survival instinct. So yeah, i guess I'm pushing me towards the edge of my own limits. And if I'm certain about it, it's more or less the essence of an entrepreneur's day by day routine. If they did it, why not me!

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