October 12, 2014

A.I. vs human mental block: Trying to avoid the brain death factor...

Yeah, you read me. 

I'm taking a little break on my week assignment about Algorithms. This time we're suppose to create a few data type structures, combining them in two classes, and rearranging it to automatically solve an NxN puzzle, from 3x3 to 128x128, in the minimum possible steps. It's like an artificial intelligence program with a single purpose, like most of them.

Here's an animation on what I'm building: 

I guess it's not very different from the popular "2048" game. It looks simple at first sight, but don't get cocky, it's not. Many programmers are hitting their heads against a wall at this very moment, while I'm enjoying my brain death recovery moment. The concept is VERY easy to see and understand. Now go and try to implement it in clear, short, and effective code, as an exactly API given.

If you're not a programmer and kept reading up to this line, congratulations. It's not easy to maintain interest in something you don't quite understand.

I haven't post in my usual timetable because i had a very busy weeks. I still do, but I'm trying to escape a few minutes before i continue on the duty. 

Once i finish this Algorithms I course, I'll start the phase 2, again with Princeton, and combining it with my Physic subjects at the university. And I'm also supposed to give a masterclass about thermodynamics to my fellow classmates. Subject's teacher's politics.

By the way, i returned to the gym. So what's my day to day now?

It's easy: College > Gym > Study/work > Sleep (Repeat).

I'm planning on being like that for another 2 months at least, but next year, once i finish the exams (January) I'll be starting up the seed of my future company. It'll be about mobile/online software. Something people we'll definitely enjoy, since I'll pick once of my best commercial ideas, and implement it using everything i learnt about optimized algorithms: Fast, small, good looking apps.

Stay tuned.

P.D: Feel free to comment your impressions, ideas, and/or share it. Either way it'll be appreciated.

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