October 31, 2014

Improving skills. Improving the content

It's time to make things better. And i will, trust me.

I apologize if I've not been sharp enough, or detailed enough in this blog's past publications. That's gonna change now, since this blog is getting more trust, and more followers, so i am committing right here, right now, to do a trustable, decent quality, competent blog.

You may wonder what's my main subject on this blog: It's not a single thing, but a group of many. 

What you can find in here, is a day-by-day programmer's summary, along with actual subjects discussions, articles, links, and more. I use to put my personal touch on my words, and many times i try to encourage my public to keep fighting if you are on the same place i am now. That's not gonna change. But the deepness in some articles, or the sharpness in others, will adapt.

So, what's new?

October 24, 2014

"Grit". That (un)known word to successful enterpreneurs

I've read about it today. I never read about that word until now, yet i knew it since i was very young, in my gut. Because i knew i had it, even when i never used it properly on my early years. In fact, i used to ran away from it. But suddenly, years ago, hated of every dream i let go, wondering why life was being so hard on me, i decided i was going to ... "fight back". So i started saying more yes, less "noes", to grip my fingers on every stone on my path like it was gold, looking up, getting up. Not only those life lessons woke me up socially, but internally.

October 23, 2014

A* algorithm to solve a K-th puzzle with artifical intelligence.

Climbing is sometimes rooting up around. What defines intelligence is something that can't be measured completely. As a matter of fact many sort of those exists and are well known.

What i had to do these past few days was driving me nuts. To program accordingly to a given API, 2 classes, 1 as a client, to automatically solve it and find the shortest path to the solution. This to be done in the smallest possible time. I won't say it was easy. My main problem is that i have to visualize internally what my program does, as if i was looking it at a screen, and this couldn't be done here until the very end. I didn't use the Solver Visualizer a colleague made,

October 12, 2014

A.I. vs human mental block: Trying to avoid the brain death factor...

Yeah, you read me. 

I'm taking a little break on my week assignment about Algorithms. This time we're suppose to create a few data type structures, combining them in two classes, and rearranging it to automatically solve an NxN puzzle, from 3x3 to 128x128, in the minimum possible steps. It's like an artificial intelligence program with a single purpose, like most of them.

Here's an animation on what I'm building: