November 23, 2014

Why is the space program tackled? How far is Mars?

As you may know, I'm not talking about physical distance. First because Earth and Mars have different orbits around the sun, so this distance changes in their own planetary year (one spin around the sun); and second because I'm talking about technological distance. 

We've bought this abstract idea that we're already space explorers. Not even close, dear reader. We're barely scratching the sky. Did we go to the Moon? That's not the point of this deliver. But what's actual proof is that we don't have the proper means. Even as we can predict many of the issues we'd face, and even to program a robot to do that trip, we're quite far from accomplishing it. And I'll explain why in simple terms.

What difficulties will we have to overcome?

November 18, 2014

Algorithms, weather and politics

"Here I go again on my own..." as the song said. (Whitesnake for the curious ones).

It's announced a tiny-messy horrible weather pseudo storm with high speed winds, rain, and of course some lightning. And I love it! If I wasn't so determined to raise a "big" empire of software, mathematics (and maybe physics), I'd probably be studying weather algorithms. I even crushed on a few these days while waiting this storm to come. It's just fantastic. Did you know a guy could predict a storm almost two weeks before it happened back in the 18th century? (A little soon to be using iPhone or iPads while reading this article).

November 7, 2014

Programming languages: Next Generation

Everyone inside this little world of programming knows the existence of C, C++, Perl, Java, Ruby, Python, and others not so well known. But there are hundreds, even thousands, from Turing-complete languages to more specifically made ones i.r.t. classification.

In this post we're gonna introduce you briefly about the next generation. Even about where they might end eventually. Because at this moment they are specializing, even the Turing-complete ones, to be better at some purpose, while others are merging the old ones. Let's start this:

1. Slow and powerful languanges:

November 3, 2014

The perfect program

One day you wake up, and you'll see that what you are doing, specifically, it's not getting you closer to your dreams, to your goals, to... Well, you get my point. That happens more often than we use to realize in time, neither it last for too long.

Too much on my plate?