September 19, 2014

The inner core

Everyone needs a goal, something to drive them straight to the top, keeping them from taking sideways.

I called it my inner core. It's not the same as the 'place' where i get my strength from, it's more the place i look on to when i raise my sight, plus the small list in my mind of things i need to get along the way. It's a post-it every part of your house, car, or places you go. A big reminder. DO THIS, DO THAT, and DON'T FORGET YOU NEED THOSE. Sort of...

Mine, i try to keep it simple. I'm talking about programming. Algorithms, code improvement, relaxed mind, artificial intelligence, web services, relaxed mind again (that's hard to achieve, it needs constant breathing, and that last part takes a lot of energy and it's time consuming)... and more. There are other things important, but they are not this topic related. But as you insist reading me, I'll tell you one: Family. You can't have a healthy inner core if you forget to save your own life's inner core.

If you've read that doesn't matter, you've got the wrong whole picture here. Go backwards, undo your footsteps, and start again, unless you want to become a "success" person, and realize you have none to share with.

So, we're talking about a kind of source of power that drives you from your thoughts to your actions, mental power. (Last chapter was a mixed up source, including physical power), plus small goals and recipes you'll need to do it.

Those recipes i need, are the courses I'm taking right now. And I'll confess i don't know how i am gonna take all those in time. But they are still on my inner core. If you don't know what you need, get help. Remember family?

Don't get lost.

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