September 16, 2014

Starting to breath the code

I've been learning about programming languages since i was a teenager, even a little when i was a little boy. But that was just having fun, or schooling. I always had dreams of how would be a program made by me... But then happened life. That "thing" that occurs when you start making big plans, and then you fall, and you do it big and hard.

But this summer i took a decision,
an important one that made me take risks, put everything upside down, and brake the rest of my life... for a while. I started learning how to program... but this time for good. I'm not a teenager anymore, so that's a big one for me. I'm just 33 years old. So you start wondering, 'cause that would make many people call me names, e.g. "crazy".

So, what if i am, just a little, to do this now? The answer isn't simple, and it's the simpler at the same time. It's not only about my past dream, or that suddenly I've a crisis. I know that it's never late, when the will is present. But dreams need money, big projects too... you can start making it in your current job, or... you can become something else. As i am doing now. 

Do you want to know more? Well. I haven't even tell what language(s) i know, what other ones I'm learning, what else i am studying to make it right, or my big plans. Because, just for your eyes only, they are BIG. :D

Stay tuned for my next chapter! I promise it won't let you down.


  1. I haven't even told* :P
    I'm glad to see you working on this stuff, after so many years we could even work together again, boss.

    1. Thanks for comment David. We'll certainly have the chance. Life has mystery ways.


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