April 22, 2015

5 Tooltips for E-commerce entrepreneurs that I had to learn the hard way

I you made it to the front door, but now the real work begins, you'll end up adding many skills, and then some. But even then you'll be stop by hundreds of tiny issues. That's part of the entrepreneurship personal evolution, but what if I could speed up a little that process by telling you 5 ways to earn many minutes a day, and be more productive?

April 8, 2015

3 things to do before starting a business

Between the moment you decide what you wanna do, 'til the moment you create that there is a gap that's filled with a process. We'll talk about that process I've overcome, at least a big part of it. Trust me, if you feel a bit lost, keep reading, it'll be a brief introduction in 3 steps that will clarify your mind: