December 9, 2014

Big Data, internet of things, graphene, and Java's death

Big Data hasn't been on the debate desk until this very moment, because it was unlikely that we'd be able to deal with such amount of information, given our current communication lines. 

That has changed in the last years, and thanks to new materials, and new algorithms, even new computational systems in a short period not far from the present, we'll be using applications which use tremendous quantities of data. But I'll explain the details:

What's exactly Big Data?

December 2, 2014

Mobile and desktop digital marketing

I'm sorry I've been a little busy lately, I couldn't write my weekly report as usual. 

I've been learning about digital marketing, business model, and many more strategies to make your/mine startups, regular companies, or even mobile programming ones to be really well positioned in Google search engine, and so the others.

Marketing tools as far as a click: