October 23, 2014

A* algorithm to solve a K-th puzzle with artifical intelligence.

Climbing is sometimes rooting up around. What defines intelligence is something that can't be measured completely. As a matter of fact many sort of those exists and are well known.

What i had to do these past few days was driving me nuts. To program accordingly to a given API, 2 classes, 1 as a client, to automatically solve it and find the shortest path to the solution. This to be done in the smallest possible time. I won't say it was easy. My main problem is that i have to visualize internally what my program does, as if i was looking it at a screen, and this couldn't be done here until the very end. I didn't use the Solver Visualizer a colleague made,
because it only shows the final solution, not the first million of steps taken. So find a tiny error among the hundreds of line you have to write down isn't a simple task. To me it was as simple as putting aside a nested private class i didn't need to create. My code was perfect for like 5 days, and the last one i couldn't sleep, and when i did, i dreamed about solving it. Incredible, isn't it? Well... that's the key to drive you trough the hell and come: Be obsessed, no matter what people say or do. 

Well, i did it, i got it out of my chest now. So i can focus on some theory classes for a few days, even maths and physics, to "relax" my mind. The key to the better AI behaviour here was as simple as heuristic deepening. You don't want to stay short, or pass beyond the best approximation.

"You have to start needing what you want as much as you want to breathe..." (One of my favourites quotes from a motivational video i use to hear, or watch, not only when i need to workout physically, but also mentally). Something you need to accept is that there are SMARTER, and BETTER people than you on what you think you are or can be the best. Once you do that, you'll face the need to be the more persistent, annoying, obsessed fighter to reach your goals, to achieve greatness.

Happy Thursday! 

P.S: Remember, NO DAYS OFF... 

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