October 24, 2014

"Grit". That (un)known word to successful enterpreneurs

I've read about it today. I never read about that word until now, yet i knew it since i was very young, in my gut. Because i knew i had it, even when i never used it properly on my early years. In fact, i used to ran away from it. But suddenly, years ago, hated of every dream i let go, wondering why life was being so hard on me, i decided i was going to ... "fight back". So i started saying more yes, less "noes", to grip my fingers on every stone on my path like it was gold, looking up, getting up. Not only those life lessons woke me up socially, but internally.
It didn't happen from night to the morning, and i use to say it's still happening. And that's the truth, once it starts, it never ends. I like to say that someone once told me, a few years after this process started, that i was like japanese bamboo. That tree stays rooting down for ... 7 years! Then it grows 30 metres in about 6 weeks, almost 1 metre each day. That's huge. And that's the though you need to keep in mind when you are fighting internally, occupying your weekends, your sleep time, your holidays, to improve your knowledge, your skills, your project. Thats' grit. NEVER GIVE UP. That's the only thing you need to know, and to do. Just those 3 words.

I, more often than I'd like, find myself
explaining others, even my fiancee, why I'm not doing anything else, not even going to party (except family meetings), except everything that puts me in the good path to accomplish my goals. Somehow, it's important to find balance and time for the people you care, and that's the break point i reach sometimes when i think they might actually be right. But again, you need to decide what's more important to you. That's personal, and no one has the same ones, or the same motivation. For me, family come first, but they love me, understand me (not all of them, of course, just the ones i care about), like i love them, and they let me do what i need to do. A week has 168 hours. I think 45 of them i sleep, 10 hours are for
feeding or cleaning up myself, less than 3 for my displacements, and that leaves 110 hours, which i split in studying or going to the university or study my subjects, and my personal studying time in other fields, like this one: Programming. I guess 40 hours for Physics, 70 for improving and developing my current goal: To raise up a business from a scratch. At this moment that's having me here, sharing these thoughts in my 10 minutes rest to keep programming-learning afterwards.

Teachers, and business people are trying to figure it out if "grit" can be taught. I think it just can't. Because grit isn't a skill. However it can be "inspired". It's more a seed coming into life, and one of the ingredients you need to experience before it blooms, is hard and painful: Failure, loneliness, you name it. You need to fall before you raise, to develop this kind of courage to drive you through this "hell" we call life. 

So I'm here, doing whatever it needs to be done before my seed blooms, while most of people think I'm just hiding in a room, behind a screen, or a book. Well, i have news: That won't be forever. And those persons will be the ones who'll ask how the hell i got so far in life from nothing to there. And those persons won't ever have grit, or reach their goals. They failed, they are programmed to malfunction, they never got down on their knees so hard that it shook their soul. Those are the "losers" you need to get out of your life, for good. 

So I'll ask: Do you think you have grit? 

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