July 5, 2015

What nobody tells you about becoming an entrepreneur, until it's "too late"

If you are on this particular endeavour, you'll feel quite empathized about this subject. And that's because you're an adventurer of life, but also a true willpower warrior, even against your loved ones. E.g., I had to listen today "a work is when you get a salary"... Er... Yes, and no. People seem to discard us as workers when we decide to launch ourselves into this self employment state, for many reasons...:


The vacuum of support

  • They lack of knowledge about this, because they never did, and wouldn't even imagine a world full of societies where the human beings are actually creating something. Even our family, friends, and close ones will say something alike.
  • Governments have indoctrinated our civilization for quite some time now, and they have lost the hunger of conquering and learning beyond our comfort zone. So now they are tamed into a passive society, where they think everything is being done, but they don't care where it came from.
  • Private sectors are awfully considered by most of the people in many countries, including mine (Spain), and the opposite is the mainstream course of action for the population to be taken. That's sad, but it's just facts.

Nobody will acknowledge your profession unless you're actually making a fortune, and bragging material objects they realize their prize. This is even sadder, but also true.

People will try to interfere your path

In the meanwhile, they'll try to make you get back into the mainstream (working for a third party, as most of them), ... If they can't make you change your mind, they'll try to tell you what to do and how to do it (even if they are completely ignorant in the field). But the worse part is when you achieve your goals. They'll try to say they always believed in you, and that part of that success is because of them.

I have something to share to all those potential "friends" that (CLEARLY) don't support you, or me, or anybody, but upset us all: F... YOU!

That's not good manners, but someone had to say it out loud. Enough is enough, and I'm pissed of by that attitude. I see it around every single day, IRL, in social media, and alongside the family tree. I can't be sorry for saying someone to mind his/her own business.

As someone once said: "If you are not doing nothing to solve a situation, be quiet and let us, the ones which are actually doing it, to achieve it". (Or sort of that sentence).

My case is particularly difficult (at least from my perspective): No income, but many outcomes, and that will be in that way for at least many more months. I expect to have profit in 2 years from now, and to achieve stage 1 in 4 years. By that time I'll be either selling the company, or escalating it to stage 2. It's an E-commerce, and I'm not even scratching the competitive "surface". But I know that my obstacles are there to make a statement:

How bad you want it?

That's the only question that has to be in your mind 24/7. Because that motivation is the fuel that will bring you to overcoming the difficulties of the chosen path.

Every time you fall down, just look up, get up, and NEVER give up.

Success is what happens when you are constantly fighting the same road for a long time. Pure it.

You have no one to prove it to, not even yourself. This is not a test, but a way of living. You'll feel down many times, but that's not a rollback, it's a door that needs to be opened. Once you do it, you'll pass to a next level of your profession.

I'm only starting (over 2 years since I decided deep inside my mind and started studying to be ready to this, and half a year lifetime since my website got online). And even at this point I see SO many overtaken barriers... But don't get cocky, or believe this suffices. This is a full life decision as long as you are in the road. And everyday will feel like the first one.

So you have to share your time between work and personal life, in order to have both, and you'll have to LOVE what you do, or you'll hate yourself soon enough. I did, until I learnt this. Now I have grey days, blocking days (doors opening), and fulfillment days. But there is a persistent feeling: I'm moving forward.

Stay in the divergent stream. 

You're not alone. If you look at your sides, you'll perceive there are others like you partially blocked by the multitude walking or running the other way around. We are like the rocks on the rivers, but we move on, we grow in time, and eventually we'll be the cliffs where the rest of human kind go to see the spectacular view of the waterfall. That's GRIT.

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