June 3, 2015

Achieving a company success may seem impossible. But it's not.

The reason I decided to start this fight about achieving a company success in the e-commerce sphere... is not a simple answer I could just tell you in a few lines. In fact, some days I wonder what the hell I'm doing working up to 19 hours a day, with no revenues and no benefits (so far). However...

Understanding your company's problems:

Those are the days I need to reset my mind and fight back as hard as I can to keep it together. And I've done it, every single time. But there is no inspiration enough to lean on when you see these things happening at the same time:

  • My company's main rivals not only have better price than I have. They just crushes all my margins. They can sell and deliver in 24 hours a product at the price I have to buy it from wholesalers. That's sad, I know... 
  • Also, I have about 10 to 20 technical issues to solve a day, some of them are coding problems, some are just server and momentarily issues, or just Murphy's Law laughing out of me.
  • I'm alone. Truly. Not only "at the end of the day", but from the very beginning. I've been this road for quite some time now, and it's not easy. I know I'm strong enough to keep pushing, but I'm just pulling out some facts. This is hard too, even if I can take the hits. (I sort of need a partner, because I have no time to do all I need to do).
  • Brands where I can compete in are not even googled in my country XD. That's funny haha. Not really... (Murphy is being very busy lately).

Understanding your company's situation:

I could say a few more, I guess, but I think you get the big picture. 

Yes... I'm fucked up.

So... from this point on (wouldn't you think I was gonna surrender, would you?). What can I do to rethink... to rebuild my business plan?

I consider myself a little bit of a psychologist when it comes to understand the "know how" of a complex mechanism. I know what it takes to reach out my competitors, I just lack part of the resources: Most of it money, and part of it manpower.

Making the impossible the achieve success:

Somehow, there is a (not)shortcut to make my E-commerce get (almost) to the same level as they are: Are you ready? 

... Pay instead of being paid.

You must be thinking: "Are you mad?"... "This guy lost it". That's against the whole idea of starting up a business.

Think again. In this electronic world you must pay for everything worth it. Ads are paid leverage, though you can get some traffic, but you can't know what kind of traffic will be, and how long it will take to be something. Maybe years, maybe by that time you're just an outlet.

So instead of paying each piece by piece advertising, I'm gonna implement a way where I become my customer's "partner". Yes, that's what I need. People that commit. And a fix could be that one. If I find a way where my customers get involve in a medium period of time, where you pay (not exactly, I will explain this point next) to get them, not only by advertising, but from services you give them, discounts, coupons, along with the platform you share and maintain for them to get your products.

Making it happen:

In my case I own a "pet shop", and trust me: There is no way someone is gonna get here and succeed in the short time. Not for a long shot, either. So I need to rewrite the rules, and use my "enemies" ammunition against them.

I'll be implementing my new plan the next weeks, and I'm gonna stick to it. I know I'll have more than 100 customers before the year ends. I could even get 1000. That's gonna cost me money. But that's an investment, and that's how I need to think to prepare a "fight back" plan by achieving a Minimum Viable Audience of 1000 visits a day. 

I'll be busy to post about this implementation, but I promise I'll come back when I have data enough to be shared.

Don't throw the towel, you still have energy to achieve success in your original idea. Get your grit on it.

And if you can't, "fake it 'till you make it".


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