November 3, 2014

The perfect program

One day you wake up, and you'll see that what you are doing, specifically, it's not getting you closer to your dreams, to your goals, to... Well, you get my point. That happens more often than we use to realize in time, neither it last for too long.

Too much on my plate?

At this moment I'm handling a Physics degree, and i have just finished Algorithms 4, part I. It made me sweat "blood" for seven weeks. Now I enrolled myself into the second part: Data compression, visual analysis, hashing in a deeper environment, and more. I'm not sure I'm gonna need everything I'll learn on that second part. It's hard to decide whether staying or going. Specially when final exams are getting close (January), plus this course gives no title or certificate, just the knowledge (not that i complain, it has been great for me). So, i wonder, if this is gonna make the difference for my project or just ain't gonna make it. The hardest choice comes when you don't know... You have to trust your gut on it, yet so difficult to perform.

The crossroad is here, and I'm sharing this very moment with all of you. I don't know if someday I'll be holding some company like Google, or SpaceX... i wish. Dreams are just the beginning of your reality, and i don't intend to imitate them, not at all. I have my own agenda, but i have to keep placing bricks the best way i can EVERY SINGLE DAY. So, will it drive me to the perfect program? Or is it a detour I shouldn't pick? I have no fear, that's not me. I have put aside many other courses to go through this algorithm improvement for like 4 months, doing more hours i expected. And I know I'm probably gonna stay on this track.

I'm sorry if this post is too personal, but that is what it is. Fighting, struggling through the hard days, "programming through" is the common ground.

What's comming next posts:

I have decided which two will be the first pair of apps I'll make up, but I won't share the news until they are about to pop in Google market. I guess I'll probably do some Apple version afterwards if the first ones work. But I'll just say you won't use your hands too much in one of them. Stay tuned and subscribe! This is about to get interesting.

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