November 18, 2014

Algorithms, weather and politics

"Here I go again on my own..." as the song said. (Whitesnake for the curious ones).

It's announced a tiny-messy horrible weather pseudo storm with high speed winds, rain, and of course some lightning. And I love it! If I wasn't so determined to raise a "big" empire of software, mathematics (and maybe physics), I'd probably be studying weather algorithms. I even crushed on a few these days while waiting this storm to come. It's just fantastic. Did you know a guy could predict a storm almost two weeks before it happened back in the 18th century? (A little soon to be using iPhone or iPads while reading this article).

What do you think weather conditions and politics have in common? Well, don't go too far, it's on the title: Algorithms. It's the core of my study, it has been a while on it, and it'll probably still be that the next two months. But I wanted to go a little deeper about that relationship in this one. Recently we've been reading, seeing, and feeling, bad news almost constantly about world wide decisions. Although we've been thinking it's not about it, i finally understood it may have been energy related. All of it. Of course i though it had something to deal with, but yesterday evening i found myself reading that 3 out of 4 last crisis involving military, police, and politics, had something about this subject. It's not so in the surface, you need to read deeper, to understand why and when.

Oil fuel is disappearing... isn't it? It may not be as true as you may think. It's getting harder to find it, but it's probably far from getting lost of our plate. So why the rush? Er... have you noticed you are in a full connected environment? Air, water... fluids... anything? Even if you are in this or that country doesn't mean you can't get affected by what others do. Radiation, weather engineering, pollution, water contamination, food, resources, ... The list extends. Despite those all that are mostly controlled by the occidental world nations, we've been experiencing a new reborn economies around the world: China, India, Rusia (again...), Africa (yeah, I'm serious). So what they might have been busy about it's a long term resource control, starting from energy, to geoengineering laws, and more. The current big world powers have gathered the "bread and butter" to ensure they are still the kings of the realm for up to a few generations. Or at least they are trying. If you are in a high position in those economies, you'll be drying the sweat on your forehead right now. Good news you'll say. (I'm not gonna through my opinion here about this matter).

So going back to weather, and politics combination. What do all the connected systems do when their barriers are lift up... Change until found equilibrium. It's pure entropy. And no matter what our governments try to desperately do, environment will allways prevail. We're here as merely viewers, and what we can do to understand, and predict this, It is to study the dynamical algorithms through the whole process.

So ... here I go again.


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