December 2, 2014

Mobile and desktop digital marketing

I'm sorry I've been a little busy lately, I couldn't write my weekly report as usual. 

I've been learning about digital marketing, business model, and many more strategies to make your/mine startups, regular companies, or even mobile programming ones to be really well positioned in Google search engine, and so the others.

Marketing tools as far as a click:

How familiarized are you with the terms analytics, CPC, CPM, CPA, CPN, SEM, SEO... and others? Those are crucial when we're talking about e-commerce, branding, social network ranking, and more. It's about knowing the technicalities which will allow you how to improve your current situation, and become a new successful business model, as Amazon, Dropbox, etc.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

I'll explain some words, and the benefit of learning how to work with them: I'll start with SEO. That one means "search engine optimization", and it's the natural order you'll be positioned when someone executes a search with a set of specific words you're configured to work with.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM):

SEM it's oriented to get you many quality visits, it's deeply customizable to get you exactly what you need, ... but it's paid per use.

Pay per ...:

You can set CPC (cost per click), CPM (cost per a thousand impressions), CPA (cost per action), etc.

New marketing age:

So... welcome to the world of selling your soul ... in exchange of profit. That's exactly what this is about. I've even been taught that there are new tendencies about where to focus the attention to, and in this age it means the customer: Personalizing the marketing at shameless levels, using smart ads that people may be actually interested, and even following potential customers wherever they go and log in. Nothing is good enough if you don't get the ad/sale conversion that it's mandatory.

Let's get serious. Online businesses can't be updated and improved all the time unless they are constantly paying for an expert services, which is ... YOU, or could be. So that's good news, if you are unemployed but willing to get a job. The first thing I'd recommend to you it's that you go to your favourite search engine, probably Google, and look for an online platform which teaches about digital marketing. That will be one of the biggest and better tools you'll get as a future entrepreneur. Use it, combine it with your own skills and make a new startup. We need more people like you and me to create a different world full of chances, to create new jobs, and to return hope into many families.

Remember, digital marketing!

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